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Movie Review: I Am Omega

Oh zombies, we love you. Sure, the thing we love about you is that we can enjoy hours of unadulterated violence inflicted on you with no moral repercussions, and it's always nice to imagine that one guy you really hate becoming a member of the undead so you can be on the one to “solemnly” bash his head in with a cricket bat...or is that just me? Anyway, if there's anything violence-y that I like as much as a go zombie slaying, it's kung-fu. Sure, it's ludicrous in a real-life scenario, but that didn't stop up from leaving the showing of “The Matrix” with the urge to do a bullet-time flying crescent kick into the head of the first person to mess with us. Again, maybe this is just me, and I'm an exceptionally violent individual.

But I'm getting sidetracked. This is all leading up to the lowest of B-grade movies that I may have ever seen...
...o rly?
...okay, second lowest of b-grade movies I've ever seen: I Am Omega. Looking at the cover, you don't see how this could possibly fail. It's advertised as a kung-fu zombie movie, and looks like it's just one martial arts master taking on a swarm of the undead. Sadly, that is not the movie they chose to make here. While the main protagonists is a martial arts expert, we hardly see it in use.

So anyway, we open with our main hero, Renchard, alone in his fortified house/bunker. He's just going to wait out the zombie apocalypse, but two guys claiming to be with the military, named Vincent and Mike, blow up his house with an RPG to force him to come along with them. They need his help to find the last survivor of a major city, whose blood is apparently immune to infection. She's their last hope, and they've got to get her out of there.

So how does the action stand up? Not well. Like I said, there's hardly any martial arts, save one scene where he takes on a group of the undead with a pair of nun-chucks. And you know what? That scene was glorious! I don't know why they couldn't have just made the movie that! But no, mostly, it's just brandishing guns or halfheartedly shooting.
Michelangelo: Zombie Hunter would have been a great movie compared to this
The characters are also pretty bland for the most part. Renchard has one bewildering scene in the beginning where he hears voices on the radio that aren't there, I guess to show the hermit lifestyle is driving him mad, but it's never revisited. Not even a mention. I remember nothing about the female protagonist, save her immunity to zombie-ism.

Spoiler alert: Vincent and Mike are bad guys, and want to kill the girl so that only the strong can survive the apocalypse. After Mike is killed, though, I gotta give Vincent props. He goes scarily psychotic, and easily steals the show from the rest of the actors.

So, this movie is pretty terrible, and not in the terribly funny way that Mega Shark was. It's just bad. It's a waste of your time and money, and I'd definitely say skip this one.
Oh movie, I am disappoint...