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So you want to be a superhero? (Halloween for Guys)

Let me get this out there right now: I love Halloween. It is arguably my favorite holiday, simply because I thoroughly enjoy coming up with creative costumes. Take this one for example:

Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to build this...
In any case, many people may be considering being a superhero for Halloween. Unless you can afford a muscle-suit or the armor pieces to pull off a good batman, however, you may be lost on how to be a superhero without breaking your budget. Well, here are a few heroes that you should be able to throw together at the last minute:

1. Cloak
What you need:
1. A cloak.
2. That is all.
Okay, so maybe you'll want to wear black underneath the cloak, but seriously, this is the simplest of the simple. Get Cloak, wear Cloak, DONE.

2. Phantom Stranger
What you need:
1. A suit
2. A fedora
3 A gold circle for the medallion
4. A cloak. (cloaks are important)
Potentially an eye-mask, but it isn't required. All right-thinking people already have a fedora.

3. You, if you were chosen to be a green lantern.
Okay, this sounds lame, but bear with me:
1. Black pants.
2. A green lantern T-Shirt, available EVERYWHERE.
3. A green lantern ring, or just a green ring. Again, shouldn't be hard to find either online or at a store.
Again, a mask is optional. I just put Baz up there to show that the costume doesn't really need to be all that complicated. Have fun with it.

4. Tony Stark

Not Iron Man, just Tony.
1. Jeans
2. Any shirt that an LED light can show through, or just a tank top.
3. Arc Reactor toy or costume piece. 
4. Fake facial hair or grown facial hair is optional.
Just stick the chest piece under your shirt, and bam, you're basically done.

5. Any superhero t-shirt with normal clothes over it.
Okay, this one takes a bit of imagination and acting. Here's what you need:
1. A t-shirt with a superhero logo on it.
2. A button up shirt.
Now, all you do for the night is wait for people to ask what you are. Before you answer, pretend to hear something in the distance, then dramatically pull open your shirt to reveal the logo, and run off. Or just pull open your shirt dramatically. Either way.

I hope this helps. I will be trying to come up with a women's list shortly.