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Trailer Trashing: Oz, Great and Powerful

I'm question the underlying thesis of this movie.
So the wizard wants to be a “great man” (would've gone with lumberjack myself) and presumably is going to go on this grand adventure to defeat the witch and achieve that goal. I feel confident saying this because this is a Disney piece. Something big needs to happen during the course of this movie, right at the very end if need be, to turn this wizard from the hero of this story to the kind of pathetic fraud we see in the classical “Wizard of Oz,” and frankly, I don't see Disney having the brass to go there.
But as for the trailer itself, I have to saw that this piece looks very visually similar to “Alice in Wonderland”. Hopefully they create a more simplified landscape, because Alice simply had way too much colorful, quirky stuff crammed into every shot. I would not recommend this one on 3-D. I think that would be overwhelming. But in 2-D, and if they tone the sheer amount of stuff down, this could be a very visually striking and memorable piece in that respect.
As for the characters so far, what is there to say? You know nothing about the wizard from this, you only get flashes of everyone else. Is the lady in red supposed to be a witch, or just some random woman that just exists in Oz? I didn't think regular people lived there.
All in all, I'll have to reserve judgement on this one. There is simply too little to go on in this trailer. Keep your eyes open, but be careful, because I think this is going to be one that tries so hard to blow you away with striking visuals that it may just be a mess of color and quirk with a lack of real substance.