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Trailer Trashing: Gallowwalkers

This is a movie set in the wild west, with undead creatures that aren't romantic interests, and Wesley Snipes slaying them. I know I say that this is going to be basically Blade in the Wild West, but you know what? There is NOTHING wrong with that.
In all honesty, I don't think this movie will be "good", in a critical sense. I imagine the characters are going to be shallow, the motivations unclear and the relationships less than well-explored.
But I don't care.
See, a movie doesn't have to be good to be awesome. Was The Man with the Iron Fists "good"? Good God no. But was it awesome? Hell yes it was. Same with Expendables 2 (less with the first one) Machete (reigning champion of this genre if you ask me) and any other mindless shoot 'em up that just goes all out with how ridiculously awesome it can be.
I'm excited for this one, and you should be too.