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Halloween Heroines or Cosplays for Women

Hey everybody. Halloween is just around the corner, and I know some of you have been putting off picking a costume until the last minute. Well, if you've been reading regularly, you'll know that last year, I did an article on Halloween costumes for guys, so it only seems fair that I do another list this year for the ladies.

Now, you want to be a female superhero? Fantastic! You also don't want to dress like a stripper? Also fantastic! I understand completely that sexism is a massive issue in comics and geek culture alike, and that it may seem intimidating to put yourself before a potentially judgmental audience. It may seem impossible, not to mention undesirable, to dress as one of the many comic book females who dress more like lingerie models than crime-fighters, but I assure you that there are are some relatively simple, modest outfits you can put together.

Like with my costumes for guys, I'm assuming that you're on a reasonable budget, and that you can't afford full-body tights or extravagant accessories.

Mary Marvel
Mary Marvel is the sister to Billy Batson, or Captain Marvel. Like Billy, Mary calls down her powers through magic lightning from the wizard Shazam. Also like Billy, Mary was originally property of Faucett Comics, meaning her design comes from the more innocent 1950s, and it has changed little today.

Either a red dress, or a red skirt and t-shirt will work fine. Just add a lightning bolt and a cape, and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind, this is Terra from the Teen Titans cartoon, not the comics. This costume has two options: Pre-Titan and Titan. Pre-Titan is probably the easiest. Jean shorts, a long, white-sleeved t-shirt and a gray cut-off tank top, with some brown gloves.

Titan Terra is similar, only with yellow shorts, and a long-sleeved black shirt. Keep in mind that with any costume that bares the midriff, you are certainly able to simply wear the shirt and cover up, no harm done.

This is another version from the Teen Titans cartoon, since cartoons have stricter guidelines on how scantily clad their females can be. Once again, Bumblebee bares the midriff, but as always, you're at liberty to just not do that should you choose.

Black pants, yellow and black striped shirt, and some fairy wings you can pick up at just about any costume shop on the planet, and you should be good to go.

If you want something that screams...God, I don't even know what decade...then the hardest part of playing Jubilee will be finding that big yellow coat. If you can do that however, you're pretty much set. A pink t-shirt, jeans and blue or yellow gloves, and you're ready to be...well, someone's favorite member of the X-Men I'm sure.

Hopefully that helps you last-minute costume shoppers or potential cosplayers out. Again, I'm totally aware that sexism is rampant in this industry, but at the end of the day, just be who you want to be.