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Iron Man 3: The Trailer

So if we make it past Dec. 21, then we'll probably be around for the third installment of the Iron Man series with Robert Downy Jr.

Man, that trailer is dark, isn't it? The hero getting the snot kicked out of him, a real feeling that maybe this one won't have a happy ending, that maybe these odds are truly insurmountable?
Does anyone else just think “Dark Knight Rises” from that description? I mean, okay, it's obviously got some differences, being Iron Man and all, but my first impression of the trailer was that it was trying to look like the end of the Nolan trilogy.

Except for that bunny. The hell was with that?

So let's get down to the brass tax with this trailer. Going on with the tradition of each movie having a new suit that improves on the last on, Tony Stark's new armor can fly through the air to him piece by piece, obviously an upgraded version of his armor at the “Avenger's” climax which could automatically deploy, but was a little slow in getting on him. Also, the star-spangled armor is obviously War Machine.

But then we have this bizarre moment where Tony is in bed with Pepper, and she is grabbed. It's really quick, but we see the Iron Man armor standing over them. My prediction? That's just a dream, as he mentions he's having nightmares.

Obviously the villain is the Mandarin in this one. The rings are just a dead giveaway. It looks to me like they're going to go the Joker route with his character: not really a front-line guy, but a planner with frankly ridiculous resources. The “the thing about heroes” lines really sounded like something the Joker would have said in that interrogation scene.
AND he has a viking beard? Can he be stopped!?

So what about the armors exploding? What about Pepper with that other guy? Or Tony on the surgical table? I don't think the armors getting destroyed is part of the missiles from the helicopter, but that the trailer wants us to think that they were. I wouldn't be surprised if this went the Spider Man 2 route, where Tony Stark tries to give up being Iron Man and destroys his suits. Maybe he thinks War Machine has it handled, or that the world doesn't need him anymore. Maybe he just wants to escape the nightmares.

Of course, if this is the case, the villain will show up, he'll be forced out of retirement, and he'll find that the world will always need him.

Now I'm not saying this is definitely how the movie will go, but it's the impression I get with the trailer. It looks like the Dark Knight Rises trailer, advertising for a Spider Man 2-like plot. I think it will be a lot more light-hearted than the trailer is letting on, but will hopefully be a more solid picture than Iron Man 2.

Although seriously, what the hell was with that bunny?

I mean...really.