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There are some movies that have just been hyped up beyond all hope. You hear everyone and their Aunt Betty going on and on about how fantastic it is, and how you should really go see it. This was one of those movies. I had heard a load of people raving about one such piece called Bridesmaids. I heard how it was the female Hangover, and how it was the funniest movie of the last few years. So a few weeks ago I finally picked up a copy and sat down to what I thought was going to just be this Godsend of comedy.

It was...okay. I guess.

Alright, I will grant that there are good scenes. The dress fitting scene is a riot, and the airplane scene (though I have problems with it I'll bring up later) gets a good number of laughs. However, I have some major problems with this movie, and they mainly boil down to one thing: the main character.
Yeah, keep smiling.

I hate this main character. Really, I do. She is such a self-centered idiot that I have trouble even finding her funny. I know she's in an unfortunate situation, but I don't get any sense that she's putting in the remotest effort to make it better. Take a scene where she's at work in a jewelry store: a couple comes in for an engagement ring, and because she feels jaded about her own love life, she gives a condescending speech about how you should never trust anyone, driving the two from the store. Of course, the big bad manager has to come and kick her while she's down.
I reward those who increase sales and admonish those who lose me costumers. I am truly the devil.
This isn't cute, or free-spirited. Likewise, going back to the airplane scene, I know she's supposed to be afraid of flying, but when you accept unkown pills from your sworn blood-enemy, then drink, You. Deserve. What. Happens. Hell, it goes better than what she probably would have gotten in the real world: a moderate case of death.
What whacky fun! 
But what really sold me on this character being nothing short of the villain was when *spoiler alert* the friend who was supposed to be getting married that day goes missing. She could have gone to any cop in the whole area, but she singles out the one that has a completely legitimate beef with her, in an attempt to make amends and get back together with him. I just...I can't...YOUR FRIEND IS MISSING, DEAL WITH THAT FIRST YOU SELF-CENTERED WITCH.

Getting past the main character though, there's just too much going on. There's the guy who just wants her for sex, there's the cop who's nice to her but she can't bring herself to trust, there's the friend's wedding, there's the woman who's bored with her husband vs. the newlywed, there's the failed just goes on and on. It needed to focus on one plot point and develop it.

Will you laugh at this movie? Yes. There are a some funny, even laugh out loud scenes. Is it the greatest comedy flick this side of 2010? By absolutely no means.