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Real Steel

Let's get one thing clear right off the bat: the Rocky movies are excellent. Yes, even the fourth one where he fights a laboratory made Russian super villain. But do you know what would have made that movie better? If Ivan Drago was a robot instead. In fact, it would have been even better if Rocky was a robot too. Also, Hugh Jackman needs to be worked into this somehow.

Yes, today's review is on Real Steel, or as many like to call it: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie. Hey, Adam Sandler is helping to make a CandyLand movie, so why not?
I'm calling 70% of the movie will be Gloppy the fudge monster jokes.
Our hero, played by Hugh “The Jack-Man” Jackman, is a down on his luck ex-boxer and robot fighter who's been on a losing streak as long as an inchworm isn't. Through the magic of improbable plot, he has to spend a summer with his 11 year old son (for who's life he has been mostly absent) in order to get the money to pay off his debts. The two are able to bond over robot boxing, and start the climb to fight their way to the top.

Okay, this plot is beyond silly, and what of it doesn't involve giant robots is pretty standard. It's a usual father-earning-his-son's-respect story, but it's done well. There's a sort of mystery about the robot, as to whether it's actually alive. It kind of hints at it being able to hear the kid, and there's one scene where it stares itself in the mirror, but it's very ambiguous, and the characters don't really discuss it. I think that's okay, and it let's the audience believe what they want to believe.

There are a few flaws, mainly in character development. I would have like to see more about Jackman's character's past as a boxer, and maybe see more of the transition. The CGI can also be very noticeable at times, though most of the time it works just fine.

Now if they had the robot fight the megashark...

Is this a movie that you really have to think about? No. My goodness no. That said, it is an enjoyable flick, and I would heartily suggest giving it a rent.