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The Amazing Spider Man: Reboot

Okay, so I know everyone has been asking why Spider Man needed a reboot.I mean, the Tobey Maguire versions only came 2002. Huh, ten years ago. Man, I'm old.

Fine, so it has been a decade since Maguire's version. So how does the movie look? Well, story-wise, it looks fine. It's the origin story again, and I don't see anything from the trailer that indicates it's going to be a betrayal. I could be wrong, but it looks fine so far.

So what about the costume?
Again, nothing wrong with it. It has a more detailed, high-tech look about it, which raises questions about how a kid like Peter Parker was able to get it, but hey, maybe they'll explain it in the movie. I guess this costume is based more on the Ultimate universe, keeping in line with most of the Marvel movies coming out now.

There is, however, one glaring problem I have with this reboot that irritates me every single time I see news about it: the casting and costume design for Peter Parker. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Andrew Garfield as a person, and I'm sure he's a great guy and all, but just look at this picture.
Man, I am so fashionably nerdy it hurts.
This is not a socially award geek. This is the popular image of a geek that girls are thinking of when they wear their "I <3 Nerds" t-shirts, aka not really a nerd at all. Pro-tip: that statement really translates out into, "I <3 hot guys who wear glasses. That's really what I <3."

Say what you will about Tobey Maguire's personality, or professionalism on the set, but he was a nerd. He was pale and socially inept, like Peter Parker should be. This Peter Parker looks like he's going to go take some artsy photos before going to play bass in his indie garage band. You want to know what's a media that got nerds right?
Feast your eyes ladies. That's the haircut, nose and complexion of the homo geekus.
Howard from "The Big Bang Theory" is a nerd. Go ahead an compare the two pictures. I'll wait.
You done? Good. I hope you found the differences between the two. Now, this is not rage against hipsters, despite the indie band comment, it's just that the Maguire movies got the character of Parker down so well, and I can only bring myself to dread what's going to happen to him in this flick.
Mind telling me HOW your hair remained perfectly styled after taking your mask off?