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Pokemon X and Y Announced!

So the impression I may have given in my rant against PETA is that I'm a fan of Pokemon. In reality...yes, I'm a big fan of pokemon. I won't get into details, because I already did in that post, but let's just say I've been playing them since the first games.

Nintendo has just recently released information regarding their newest addition to the pokemon franchise: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, scheduled to be launched this October for the 3DS. So as a lifelong fan of the series, how do I feel about these games? Well, I have to remind myself that I don't own a 3DS, and probably won't own one by October, so this one may not effect me for a long, long time.

That doesn't mean I can't comment on the trailer that was just released, however.

The first thing to hit the eye is, of course, the updated graphics. My big problem with Black/White and their immediate sequels was that while they sort of went to a 3D world, it seemed to be caught in a sort of awkward halfway point that only sometimes looked like real 3D, and sometimes just looked like a really awkward 2D. That is not the case if this footage is anything to go by.

Graphics here aren't quite the dream game that fans have been clamoring for since the early days, but it's certainly a step in the right direction, so long as the graphical improvements aren't just in the trailer video and nowhere else.

The other bit of information we get here is the three new starters, and I'm far more optimistic about these than I was with the gen 5 versions. The grass type is probably my least favorite. He just looks so happy and cartoon-y, which I know is a staple of the series, but that goofy grin just kind of looks, well, goofy. Also, I'm having trouble understanding what about his design alludes to being a grass type.

I'm stoked about this fire starter (pun totally intended), simply due to the probability that this one might not be fire/fighting, which is a type set that I think is largely over saturated. Arcanine is one of my favorites in the whole series, and I'm hoping this fox/dog design will produce something similar in its evolved forms.

Finally, we have the water type. The biggest surprise here is that they took this long to make a water starter based on a frog. I thought after turtles it would be the most obvious thing, but apparently alligators, otters, penguins (though that was awesome) and whatever mudkip was supposed to be came first.

There wasn't a ton of information in the trailer, and I'm hoping to update the watch on this game as information becomes available, but those are my initial thoughts on seeing the new trailer.