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The thing about gamer girls

Okay people, I'm officially disappointed in you. No, I don't mean like “Super Hero Squad” disappointed in you, this time it's for real. I can't believe this is even something I feel like I have to talk about. But I guess I have to. I'm seeing debates over this flare up all over my internets, and I'm getting real tired of hearing about it. So here we go:

Gamer girls.

For those of you who have been hit very hard in the head, the term refers to women who enjoy video games, which, according to an extremely vocal part of the population, is a crime against nature, like the Frankenstein monster or Beverly Hills Chihuahua. If you're one of the people going “I don't get it. Why is this a big deal?” then congratulations, this post is not for you. Go enjoy my Iron Man cartoon review, people seem to like that one.
For the rest of you, I guess I get where you're coming from to some extent. I myself have raged about the current culture's “cool geek” mentality (see The Amazing Spider Man). I too find it frustrating when someone decides one day to slap on a pair of fake Buddy Holly glasses, watch one Iron Man movie, and then declare themselves to be “such a comic book nerd.” That's not to say that I hate people who are just getting into the genre and are just starting to explore the interest. It's the people who see being a geek or being a “gamer” as this season's look. It's the people who don't really care about the subject, but are just into it for the most shallow of reasons that truly annoy me, and I think that's the angle a lot of these people are coming from on the “gamer girl” subject.

Here's the thing though, when these people think gamer girl, they think this:
This picture is going to get more hits than the actual post, isn't it?

When they should really be thinking of this: know what, still probably gonna get more hits.
 “But wait!” you're saying, “that just looks like a normal girl!” Well, I can't believe I have to explain this to you, but those girl things you keep talking about are people too. Believe or not, they are allowed to have interests that don't fit you're standard idea of “girly” things. Not every girl is the high school hipster twatmuffin (which openoffice keeps telling me isn't a word, but totally should be) that you think when you hear the word. Hell, even the girl in the first picture could have a totally legitimate interest in video games that she feels she has to hide because she knows many people will just see her as not being genuine.

Look, people who only into geek culture for the look exist, I'm not denying that, but those people will pass regardless of whether or not you yell at them for it. Hell, those people probably don't even care what actual enthusiasts think about them. The only people you're really insulting on memebase or reddit are the genuine people with an interest in the subject.

So let's all just try to chill out, ride out the storm, and accept the fact that not everyone is not just an attention seeking poser.
While we're at it, can we get on that world hunger thing as well?