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Skyrim: Dragonborn for PC

To say that I'm hooked on Skyrim is like saying that Charlie Sheen just might have a substance abuse problem. I won't tell you how much time I've logged in specifically, though Steam certainly does, and I feel somewhat ashamed.

To date I have made two characters: A Nord named Tim who's philosophy is that any problem can be solved with the proper application of hammers, who I played as basically a good guy, and the Brenton wizard I'm playing now called Radaghast, who is a tad on the more evil side in the same way that Michael Jackson in the 2000's may have been a tad on the paler side than his 1980's version.
Hardly even noticable
There is almost nothing about this game that I don't love, so when Steam's winter sale put all the current DLC on sale, I of course bought it all. There is a new bit coming out for PC in the near future (early 2013 was the only release date I could find) called Dragonborn. I know that it's already out for X-Box, but I don't have one of those.

Now, in my opinion, the Dawngaurd DLC...could have been stronger. Sure, I like the vampire lord powers, I like the new characters, but I feel like it's a bit weak as far as content goes. And I have to ask: an entire expansion on vampires? I don't know, I guess steeping into the vampire lore just seems out of place to me in a game that's predominantly about vikings and dragons. But hey, I'm having fun with the vampire quest line (saving the Dawnguard stuff for my more "good" guy) so I guess it's all good.

Then there was Hearthfire, which I found a bit of a letdown. I just don't think it went far enough with what it was trying to do. I like the idea of building your own house, but the problem was that the house you built wasn't really yours. It was a predetermined building that you just poured money into until it was done. I wish that they just had empty rooms, with a full list of furnishings you could put in each one so that you, the player, could decide "I think this room will be my library" or "this will be my bedroom. In short, it was linear gameplay disguised as a customizable experience.

Now I've heard quite a bit about the Dragonborn DLC. I know that you get a shout that lets you ride dragons, which I'm sure is awesome, but is kind of a no-brainer. I hear that there are these powerful objects called "black books" that give you borderline absurd powers, and you know what? I like getting absurd powers in my add-ons. Just make sure I have to be a reasonably high level to get said powers.

From what I've read, Dragonborn seems like the first true expansion pack to the Skyrim universe, rather than just an extra quest line slapped on. I'm excited for it, and if you enjoy roaming the frozen north of Tamriel, then I think you should be too.